Madworld Game for the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is filled with a lot of child and family-friendly cooperative games. But, what if you just want a solo game that quenches your thirst for some brawling here and there?

Thankfully, there are games that satisfy that craving. In this article, we will be talking about the Madworld Game for the Nintendo Wii.

This game is crazy good, but I have to warn you, though; if you’re queasy when you see blood, then definitely stay away from this game.

With that being said, the story revolves around Jack Cayman. Jack was an ex-marine who now works as a mercenary. He was informed that Varrigan city was turned into a bloodfest because a syndicate known as the “Organizers” introduced a virus that would kill anyone within 24 hours.

There is a vaccine that can cure the virus but in order for the citizens to get it, they must kill one another. The Organizers created this game show called “DeathWatch” where cameras would highlight citizens who kill for the promise of salvation.

Jack went to Varrigan city with a sole purpose: to rescue the mayor’s daughter. Amidst the chaos, Jack would have to kill his way until he reaches the mayor’s only daughter.

While on his mission, Jack came across Leo, a doctor who has gotten a sample of the vaccine. He tells Jack to stay low until he finds the mayor’s daughter. Upon hearing the whereabouts of the mayor’s daughter, he plunged in the fray to get her.

It was found that a character named Noa was responsible for the bloody happenings in the city. He wants people to kill each other in order to let the world know man’s thirst for blood. But, Jack doesn’t see it that way and he only thinks of Noa as a greedy person.

After defeating Noa, Leo told Jack that it was his father that was responsible for creating the virus in the first place. Surprised by the information, Jack killed Leo and pursues Leo’s father and kills him as well.

Madworld Game for the Nintendo Wii is a gorefest of a game. There are only 3 major colors you can see in the game: black, white, and red. The black and white are obviously the surroundings and the red is, well, the blood.

The gameplay of Madworld is diverse. Aside from beating opponents to a pulp, the game also provides the players a little bit of diversity by presenting missions with various game mechanics.

For example, there are stages where Jack will ride a motorcycle and race against other people from the syndicate. There are also stages that can only be unlocked when you acquire a certain number of points.

The boss fights in Madworld Game for the Nintendo Wii have a time limit and when you beat the boss in a short amount of time, you will be given more points.

This game also has a plethora of mini-games, such as the Bloodbath challenge and motorcycle challenges.

The Madworld Game for the Nintendo Wii may be a violent game and may not be suitable for all audiences, but this game rocks in terms of gameplay.