Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard

Are you a gamer who frequents LAN events? If so, isn’t it frustrating to bring a full-sized gaming keyboard all the time? Wouldn’t it be great if there are keyboards that are specifically made for events such as these?

Well, lucky for you, there are keyboards that are fit for the job. Today, we are going to take a look at the Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard.

The first thing we need to talk about the keyboard is the design. The Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard sports an unusual design. Why did I say unusual? Well, it is because of the unusual wrist rest. The wrist rest only extends up to the complete span or coverage of your left hand. The right palm and wrist will be floating which will leave you with a sore gaming experience especially for prolonged periods.

This gaming keyboard does not have a numeric keypad and it also doesn’t have any additional macro keys. The idea behind this design scheme is for gamers to have a lightweight keyboard that they can bring to different gaming events without ever having to worry about space and overall weight.

As for the keyboard back-lighting, the Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard only comes with a blue backlight. In the age where RGB is king, it is a surprise to see this mechanical keyboard does not have those flashy lights.

Now let’s move on to the actual performance standpoint. The Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard is fitted with the Romer-G mechanical keys. There are a lot of mechanical key switches for gaming keyboards out there. Some popular choices are Cherry MX switches, Kailh Switches, just to name a few.

Some people do not understand why Logitech chose the Romer-G switches for the G310 Atlas Dawn. But, when asked the question, the company quickly defended their choice.

According to Logitech, they went with the Romer-G switches because it has a 25% faster key actuation point compared to other key switches. This means that it key presses register much faster, which can spell victory on the games you play.

For me personally, the choice of key switches is a preference thing. It is either you like the feel or you don’t. Apparently, there are some people, pro gamers in fact, that loved the feel of the Romer-G switches. They are not as loud as other switches and it really does register much faster. Some don’t like the Romer-G switches because of its squishy feel.

Enough about the key switches, let’s go on to a particular feature that every finds useful. The Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard comes with what Logitech calls the “Arx Control Dock”. Basically, it is a cellphone placeholder where you can place your smartphone. You can also download a companion app so that your phone will display pertinent game information while you play your games. Pretty cool stuff!

The Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard is a good gaming keyboard to bring to LAN parties and other gaming events. It does have a few quirks, but it is a solid option for a gaming peripheral.

If you want to buy the Logitech G310 Atlas Dawn Mechanical Keyboard, it will only cost you $129.